The lovely Pan Ode To Pan

Master Pan, Master Pan,
How does your garden grow?
Why, wild and free, just like me!
Down below the old Oak Tree;
With blossoms swaying to and fro,
My music makes the flowers grow.

Master Pan, Precious Pan,
Your magic please employ!
Lord of Faerie and of faun,
Dance the night into the dawn.
No one can bring us greater joy,
Than You, our wee goat-footed boy!

Sweet Pan, dear Darling Pan,
Oh what a lovely sight!
Prancing with your pipes in hand,
Cutest boy in all the land!
In ecstasy with Love's delight
We worship You all through the night.


Poem and photo Copyright © 1998, 2004 by Chloe d., a fairy. All Rights Reserved.

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